Trunki suitcase

Why you need to test products for yourself (even on corporate blogs).

Trunki suitcase

We’ve made it part of our strategy at work to try, whenever possible, to test products out ourselves before running competitions with external parties. Granted, it may not always be doable, but it makes a huge difference to the way your blog post comes across if you really can vouch for whatever you’re offering your readers. Plus, as a blogger, it’s much easier to write when you’re talking from experience rather than simply regurgitating a press release.

That’s why we’ve been out in the back garden making the most of the September sunshine and testing some stuff for Trunki. A few weeks back there was a chance to win a Trunki suitcase on the Thomson blog. This week there’s a giveaway running to win a PaddlePak swim bag, this time for First Choice. My little boy has pulled, prodded and poked both products to oblivion, which is the only reason I can highly recommend them both. And any PR worth their salt will appreciate that, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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